Tag Historian Insert Data into Tag with Timestamp

Hey Everyone,

With IG AB driver, I can not grab data reliably faster than 250ms. To combat this we store the needed data in an array at a faster rate and a script goes though an array and inserts the data into a table to rebuild the tag data. However, my company has decided to move to Ignition Edge for this project with tag-historian and I no longer have access to a DB.

Does anyone know how to insert data into a tag-historian tag with a timestamp attached to it?

Thank you,

The only way to manually insert values into Tag History is to use system.tag.storeTagHistory().

Note that, on Edge that means you will need the Compute module (I believe).

Of course if you have a Standard Gateway somewhere else with access to this data, then you can always do it there.

Don't know how I missed that call in the manual. This is exactly what I needed.

Awesome! thank you.