Tag Historian, Memory Forward Transaction Error

I have a development DB that Ignition seems to want to use the Store and Forward on it, and the logs indicate that Ignition wants to store data that is currently stored (and read) from the production MySQL DB. How would I go about troubleshooting this and/or removing the Tag Historian/S&F from my developer DB?

This is from the first line in the logs Invalid object name 'sqlth_drv'., which I recognize from our Production MySQL DB, but I do not want it on this developer DB. In actuality it should be going to a different DB, but I have not (as far as I can remember) set anything up to use the S&F in the second DB. (Not on purpose, anyway.)

On a related note, there is an S&F and Tag Historian listed in the Gateway, but there is no DB connection listed for it. How would I go about deleting the S&F and Tag Historian?

EDIT: The Memory Forward error began about the time I created a new transaction group. I clicked the option to "Bypass Store and Forward".

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