Tag historian misses alarms

Ignition: 8.1.10 (b2021090812)
mysql database on local computer (same as ignition)
Real plc on my desk.

I have setup a “bunch” (like 21 tags) as tag history.
They are in tag group “Default Historical”.
History enabled with these settings

The Tag group of “Default Historical” has these settings:

The alarm codes only sticks for up to 2 seconds, but these settings still seems to miss the values and catches when the errorcode has returned to “0000”.
I have had “Rate” set to 100 and it still seems to miss the data.

Show us your PLC’s device diagnostics page (where the loading and response times are shown).

This plc is an omron nx1p2, and in sysmac (the dev software), i have not found a way to display this at all, atleast not in any logical place.

Phil may be talking about the device details/diagnostics page in Ignition: Connections - Devices - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

AH ok, then its this:

Nope, not that. Look closer at that link.

It looks like the driver is keeping up fine.

Where are you not seeing a value you’re expecting? Recorded in history? Maybe the “Min Time Between Samples” needs to be lowered from 1 second?

It kept recording “0000” when the alarm text for the mobus function reset the alarm code back to zero before initiating the next comm cycle., which happens 2s after the last device has been cycled thru. (7 devices, 2 reads each),

But now i have changed historical group to Direct and 100 ms
and on each tag i have, they are now get to Sample mode: Tag group, and now it catches each error code almost instantly, so i can fault trace, which is the desired outcome.

I don't think so. Look at the mean response times. I suspect the overload % is entirely bogus.

It’s on the edge, but since there’s only 1 request @ 100ms and 4 @ 500ms it’s sampling on time. If he adds more tags it will fall behind.

Im not sure most of the problem was/is because i sit in a craptop lenovo thinkpad.
Got a bunch of stuff running like brave browser, visual studio with a debugging session for a c# hmi, omron sysmac online against the plc in question, and mysql in the background with mysql workbench and ignition backend, designer and hmi/runtime.

I did some changes to the tags and historian group, but i think i wrote it in another of my threads, that seems to changed to work,but im not sure if its the optimal settings, but now it catches these non-“0000”-errorcodes tossed by the modbus calls.