Tag historian query OEE sample examples request

is there a good spot to see examples of OEE from Tag Historian queries or pydatasets somewhere I can see?

I have a running boolean, speed float, infeed float, outfeed float, and a few other things historized.
I want to know, is using the tag historian is easier and or better than querying transaction groups?

Or am I on the right track with transaction groups and queries/scripts?
I can’t tell if I made a smart choice to go to transaction groups to avoid partitions complications, or if I have made things harder on myself because I think I am under experienced/trained in the Ignition tag historian side. I only saw the historian in the inductive university used to populate a power chart I think.

Says I can quickly make tables from the historian, but I don’t see the instructions how.
I make tables with queries, but I don’t see how to use the historian.

ah I see in the 8.1 it says it doesn’t lend itself to direct queries, but direct queries are possible

Update 9/28/22

Transaction groups worked great.
Learned a ton since the first post.
I use scripted historian queries to check the validity of categorical tags though.