Tag Historian setup question

New to Ignition, Ver 8, I have a “Marquee” showing real time values during the day for production, i.e faults, rejects, average cycle time. At the end of the day i would like to write the final numbers to historian for reference later. Do i have to have two separate tags one for real time and one for history or how would i set that up? the write would be triggered by a push button.

not sure I am understanding but maybe setup some memory tags with history and write to them using the pushbutton.

It sounds like this data would be better off being stored in a separate SQL table so that the values are all together on one row with a timestamp. You could then view the data easily within a table or on an xy plot.

To get the data in, you can either write a relatively simple script to do the sql insert, which could use a named query or just use system.db.runPrepUpdate, or you can use the SQL bridge module. Personally I would use a query as I haven’t spent the time to work out how the bridge module works. I would write the script into a script library in case you need to call it from elsewhere.

You would just run the script from the button if you just want to store the values on demand, otherwise you can call it on an event.