Tag Historical Deadband binding

Is there any way to bind the tag historical deadband setting for a UDT Tag to the value of another UDT Tag?

We have UDTs that have EUMin/EUMax on them for configuration and based on the EUMax we would like to change the HistoricalDeadband appropriately. IE if the EUMax for this UDT tag is set for 40000 we would automatically set the HistoricalDeadband to 5, but if the EUMax is 0.5 we would set it to 0.001. I can get it working just fine as a UDT parameter, but I’d like it to be a bit more behind the scenes and automatic if at all possible.

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Create a parameter in your UDT and bind it to your deadband.
After it create expression tag called deadband and formulate your deadband value as you described
Now in deadband tag add value change script and update your parameter.
You call also write directly to deadband value in 8.0 with python.
For preserve memory I also use parameter for my alarm setpoint instead of using tag.


I thought about the tag change script… I was hoping for a direct binding.

I’ll try it out and let you know what I find.

My best solution is to hit directly to that property in python with system.tag.config but believe me it’s tricky and hard but possible

Thanks @nader.chinichian. Using system.tag.getConfiguration and then system.tag.configure worked like a champ.

It would be nice though if the various settings were bindable to tags in the UDT.

Thanks again for the help!