Tag Historical "On Change" Mode Not Working

Dear All,
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Please consider my below query and guide me on this.

My Task:
Reading VFD operational Data over Modbus

Ignition Version:
8.1 and Paid License

Issue Facing:

1.) On the analog nature tag (like Current, Voltage, Frequency etc) enabled the “Tag History” option, when I am setting the Sampling Mode to “On Change”, no values are logging in the database. Even I changed the Minimum Sampling time and Deadband values. The values are only logged, when the Maximum Sampling time has past, like I set it to 1 minute/1 hr.

What I have observed that, the logging is happening but the ‘time of logging’ is quite weird it is of year 1969 (see in picture 1 below)

2.) When I am setting the Sampling Mode to “Periodic” and set the sampling time to 1 sec, Values are still not logged in the database after every 1 sec (like it should a/c to periodic definition), but they are only logged whenever the values are changed. It is behaving like the ‘On Change’ mode.

Here the logging time is correct (see in picture 2 below)

I have already done the restarting of ‘Tag History’ module but no success.

Please guide me in this, as this project is stuck because of this issue… I have to use the power chart for the operational data trending, but facing this logging issue.

Very interesting, I have the following thoughts:

  1. Looks like you did a bunch of good review of your “History” settings. Have you double checked things like your tag “Numeric” settings? Specifically the deadband settings.

  2. If the previous doesn’t help out: Based on the information you presented it does seem odd on the behavior between “Periodic” and “On Change”. Perhaps you need to run this question by support?

Your other post answered the issue on min vs max time between samples, it looks like you are getting the definitions reversed.

To add, perhaps the docs will help, Configuring Tag History - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation