Tag History 8.1.0-rc3 issues/confusion

I’m seeing a collection of weird behavior with tag history in 8.1.0-rc3 at least when connected to a tag that is referencing an MQTT tag. I know the device publishing the MQTT tags is lagging by about 130 seconds compared to the client subscribing to them and that posed a few weird things, but I don’t believe it is the cause of the following problems. For all these the Deadband Style was Auto and Mode was absolute. Deadband was set at 0.01.

  1. When using “On Change” with an Int or Bool tag the value does not record in the database when changed if a max time is set. It only seems to update on the max time. If max time is zero then it records the new value when there is a change and records the time the change occurred.
    a. As part of this it appeared to be using a timestamp for the client when saving on max time instead of using the source timestamp.
  2. When using “On Change” with a float the value that gets saved in the data base when the tag changes is the previous value and it appears to save the timestamp from when that previous value was from - not the current time. Is this the correct functionality? It is different from the BOOL or INT operation.
  3. Also, at times it appeared that having a value in the max time between samples prevented new values from being saved when the value did change.
  4. When using periodic tags the above appear to update correctly if changed and ONLY when changed until the MAX time is reached. I would expect periodic to record at the periodic rate, regardless of the data changing. Should the MAX time in periodic really do anything?
  5. Also, when using periodic it saves the previous and the new value when there is a change. It saves the previous value first (with a timestamp of the current time) then saves the new value on the next update defined by the period set it looks like.
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