Tag history as Expression

I am trying to show data through Tag History with expression mode. I want to have path linked to one of params of popup screen.
I did configure as example as in help but I get an error (see picture for more detail).

Has anyone managed to make a connection this way?

Thank you very much and best regards.

I think the problem is that Ignition is expecting an expression but you have supplied a list. That would work in Python but not in the expression language.

The documentation says to create the list as a custom property and then reference that in the expression. From the manual (with emphasis changed by me):

  1. Create a custom property named Key on a chart component that is an Array type.

  2. Copy and paste the JSON below into this Key property.

  3. JSON for Key Array
    [Sample JSON removed.]

  4. Open the property binding on your chart and select the Tag History binding type.

  5. Select the Expression radio button to create your own tag structure.

  6. Click on the property selector button on the right and find your new custom property.

  7. Click OK in the lower right.


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Thank you for all information. I read the instructions too quickly at first