Tag History binding from Canary Historical Provider

Hello anyone use canary like historical provider?

we have a new issue using tag historian with a historical provider of canary software , that in tag historian of ignition this behaivour isn´t the same.

whit ignition tag historian i can make a lot tag historian calculations and all the values updates with the established period.

i can see and manipulate the information of all the tags selected.

to diference doing the same with a diferent historical provider (Canary), the next sensor that i try to make the same calculation appears in with null values


someone else experiment that with a canary provider?

Have you contacted Canary support? They are probably the only ones who can help you with their module.

This might be related to the Ignition aggregation types not mapping directly to Canary's. I know they did some work on that recently.

I would advise to upgrade to the most recent module available.

Maybe @jpark has some advice?