Tag history binding on table

Hi! I am using the Tag History binding on a table. The tag selection is made dynamic through a tag browse object and works fine. The issue is when i'm trying to display multiple tags that are all have the same timestamp, (they are always changed at the same time. cycle times, productID and partnumber) The table displays multiple rows for each time stamp even though only one of the tags value has changed. Is there any way around this?

The problem is that the millisecond value of each reading is different and since each timestamp that is found generates a new row and interpolates the other values. Transaction groups are one way to solve this and they work by creating a wide table and insert one row with all the values at each scheduled or triggered event.

I'm sure others have found a work-around to use data returned from Historian tables.

Actually i dont think this is the issuse, i thought so too but when i'm formating the timestamp to include milliseconds it is still the same

Oooh, that's surprising. Let's see what other info comes up.

Unavoidable when combining "AsStored" with "Wide". Use "Tall" with "AsStored".

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