Tag History Binding (Round tstamp)

Can you Round Tag History timestamp when binding to a table, or do we need to do a query against the actual partition?

Looking to round the t_stamp to the nearest hour and add the shift to it. Would Scripting be easier to do this?

What exactly does this mean? Add it to what? Do you mean "add a new column with the shift number calculated from the times"? What are the shift times?
What is to happen if the time is 07:58 but it's rounded to 08:00?

You need to write a proper specification before you start to code!

Thanks for the advice. Definitely not a professional coder. Teaching myself what I can. I will work on getting a project spec.

What I was thinking I could do is round the t_stamp, and I would be able to join the two tables together allowing me to provide shift data through charts and export functionality.

Currently I am performing the work through a transaction group, but wasn't sure if there was a better route to accomplish my goal.

You can use this expression on start date, to round hours.

dateArithmetic(toDate(dateFormat(now(0), 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:00:00')),-168,"hour")

Change query mode to Periodic and set it to 1h.

Choose an aggregate wich match with your need, "LastValue" i think in your case.