Tag history binding with tag grup by 1seg

Good morning everyone,

I have an issue regarding the tag group… I will try to explain as best as possible since I am new to the ignition scada world :slight_smile:

I have this tag name xxxx where a history section has been configured with a tag_group of 1sec.

what I am looking for is that for every 1sec it shows me in the graph the data that I am passing it, and the problem is that it is being passed every 2 sec ¿why?. And I can not find the reason why it does not show 1sec.

I have attached an image of the tag configuration and another one of the group tag that I have created “tag_history”.

let me know if you need any extra information that I can attach to clarify my explanation.


I’m a little confused.

I’m not sure where you are getting the 2 seconds from? If you are referring to the 09 I would think that would be 9 seconds. (i could be wrong)

Can you share your chart settings relative to that pen?

What does the data property show? Click the table icon to open the dataset.

Are you sure your comms can deliver updates every second? Look at your driver’s diagnostic page in the gateway’s Status section.