Tag History Datasource Sink warnings in logs

Recently we started getting a flood of these warning messages in the gateway logs. It seems to be happening about once a minute per datasource history provider. Any ideas what the issue is and how we can resolve it? I've verified the database permissions and everything looks good there.

We are running on version 8.1.20.

That suggests that some query used in pruning is hung up or taking extremely long. Look at your database's monitoring interface.

This is just a bug, actually. The fix is up for QA review; will hopefully make it in to 8.1.23.

Sounds good. Is there anything I need to do until updating to 8.1.23?

No; nothing's really being hurt by what's happening (erroneous duplicate registration of a cleanup task).

You can change the log level....

Thank you, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't any adverse behavior going on in the meantime.