Tag History Expression Binds Crash Ignition

I’m on an early 8.01 build. I think it was the 2nd nightly.

I’m trying to do this on an XY Chart:

The examples all show using this technique to bind to a table so I’m assuming the structure isn’t the same or something. It lets me do the bind and the dataset even says it has returned rows based on my expression. When I hit save it crashes and I lose all my work. I confirmed this is happening several times so I am sure that saving after I set up the historic expression bind on my table is what is crashing it.

If you can’t reproduce the problem something might be screwed up on my end. My Ignition is crashing on normal project saves also now. I rebooted my server and hopefully it will stop happening. This isn’t a “ready for release” build so it’s entirely likely it has some gremlins.

I have witnessed something similar in my own environment that I have been trying to replicate, but I haven’t been able to yet. A couple questions for you:

  1. How many rows are in your sqlt_data table(s)?
  2. How many tags are you showing in your chart?
  3. Is the date range of your XY Chart controlled by a separate set of components?
  4. Were you making a lot of changes before this occurred that might have caused extreme changes in the amount of data returned to the chart (ex. returning 1000 rows to only returning 20 rows or vice versa)?


Fortunately, I saved a backup of the dynamic screen before I went all static with it. Datasource is showing 100x2. I’m not certain the exact state of that backup but I know I never got it working properly.