Tag History for Table: Duration On

I’m using the Tag History binding on a Table to display the amount of time a tag is on/off. I’m using the “Duration On” aggregation mode (all of the tags are Boolean), with an interval sample size. The interval is tied to a multistate button with 4 options for a time interval (1hr, 2hr, 6hr, 12hr). I did this so the user can select a 12 hour breakdown if they’re looking at weeks of data, or a 1 hour breakdown if they’re looking at one day of data, etc.
Now the question: when I toggle between each of these 4 buttons (change the time interval), the actual Duration On values that I see on the table change by quite a bit. If I’m thinking correctly, the interval should not change the value of the tags, it should only change the way it’s displayed, correct? Just wondering if there is something I’m not considering in this. If anyone has a better suggestion to approach a tag history status, I’m open to any and all feedback. Thanks!

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