Tag history forward slowly

Hi, I’m using ignition 8.05 to developing project, today I find the history didn’t forward database quickly, through Table component, I observe that when the time is 2019-11-13 18:32:31, the table shows as follows:

when the time is 2019-11-13 18:36:41, the table show as follows:

So I think the data has cached to memory or disk, but it takes long time forwarding to database. As it’s normal before time, I can’t find the reason that the data didn’t insert to the DB at the current time.

Below is some configuration and status of my project.

I’am now extremely anxious about the problem, any one can help me?

This is the Database detail.

What type of database?

Mysql , ignition and DB placed in two virtual machine under ESXi.
I have Disabled Disk Cache , the cache data forward to mysql immediately, now it’s normal.

Can you tell me what is the unit of Write Time under Forward Settings? ms or seconds?
I have changed it from 1000 to 1.