Tag History - Ignore Initial pressure spike

I am trying to trend pressure values for a system that pumps periodically throughout each day. Most of the day the system reads no pressure. When the pump kicks on a spike in pressure is recorded as my max pressure for the day.

Average aggregate mode was problematic because of all the time sitting at 0 pressure. I’m thinking I might be able to programmatically enable and disable tag history to record data only when the pump is pumping (using some threshold value). If I do this, the average would probably be fine even if slightly higher due to the initial spikes but would eliminate all the time sitting at zero.

Any suggestions how to capture only the “pump running” data, or eliminate the initial spikes to then use the maximum aggregate mode? Thanks!

You could set your tag history sample mode to Tag Group and then use a Driven Tag Group based on the running status of your pump. I believe if you set the Rate to 0 it will not sample the data whilst the expression is false.

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Great idea, this worked excellent for controlling the data collection. Had to use the value of the tag since the pump controls aren’t connected to this system.


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