Tag History: Max Time between Samples set to 0


What happens if the Max Time between Samples is set to 0 hours? Will the tag historian still use this function?

Basically, I really only to make an SQL entry on a tag change, not after a specified amount of time even if the value hasn’t changed. This way, I can use a count aggregation and get a true count back of the number of times a value changed.

I don’t see anything about using a zero in that field in the documentation https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC81/Tag+Properties

I could probably just set it to a ridiculously high number, thousands of days or so, but I’m wondering if setting it to 0 deactivates it.


Yes, a 0 value (with any units) will be treated as ‘don’t try to keep track of max age’.

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Perfect, thank you!