Tag History Oddities

Ignition 8.1.38, Vision

Two oddities:

If I update a UDT with an additional tag that is defined for historian, all the tags with that UDT update and are available in an Easy Chart Browser. However, they are not available in the Sparkline Tag History Browser. If I add the tag manually in the sparkline config, the logs show DB error that this tag doesn't exist. If I shutdown designer, and restart the Gateway, then the tags appear and all is well. Is there a better way to refresh the apparent discrepancy without restarting the Gateway?

While troubleshooting this, I noticed two additional DB entries in the Available Historical Tags, that I cannot find anywhere. They aren't in any tag provider by that name. Once upon a time, since this was a cloned VM for an Ignition Gateway, I renamed the Gateway, and I think these two entries have the old name/old tag providers. One is 'default'. But these tag providers are long gone, and the MSSQL Database I deleted all the old tables for data. Is there a MSSQL Ignition Table that I'm missing that I need to manually delete these entries?

I think I found the entries in the dob.sqlth_drv table, and the partition entries referencing them in dbo.sqlth.partitions. This is a development environment so don't care about the old data. Can I just delete these entries?