Tag history Splitter Error

Were are running 7.6.1 b2 on test server trying to verify all of our systems before moving to 7.6 in production. We uae the tag history splitter and there seams to be issue with it in this version.

Our splitter provider is called IGN_Dragline

looking at #1 IGN_Dragline8750
then IGN_Dragline_Office

Data is logging as expected but when trying to look at the data in trends then I have issue. If you simple drag tag onto trend the it uses the IGN_Dragline provider in the tag path which is what we want but it throughs error when you do this. If you change to one of the other providers then it work fine.
I have this same setup on 7.5.8 and it works fine using the IGN_Dragline provider.

Here is the error we are seeing.

Thanks, I’ve replicated the problem. As far as I can tell though, it is caused by something that was changed in 7.5.7, so I don’t see how it could be working in 7.5.8 (I haven’t tried it yet, though).

I’ll let you know when we fix it, not sure yet if we can do it in the module, or if it has to be in the platform.


You are correct we actually are running it on 7.5.6 right now on production server. Thanks


Could you try this one for 7.6 and see if it helps? If so, I’ll update both the 7.5 and 7.6 versions in the module store.
TagHistorySplitter-1.6.1-beta1.modl (23 KB)

That appears to have resolved the issue. Not able to test if it will pass the queries over to the secondary db yet though don’t have enough data logged yet. But that was all working fine in 7.5 so should be ok here still.

Thanks Again

Wasn’t logged in but that was my previous post.

Hi Colby,
Due to version 7.7.5 instability, we proceed an upgrade to 7.7.10 but now the module ‘Tag History Splitter’ stay in trial mode.
How can I have the old version 7.7.10 ‘Tag History Splitter’ free module?

That’s something your sales agent can fix. Then you “refresh” your license to pick it up. IIRC, the module name changed.