Tag history start and end dates not recognized with certain properties

In a perspective view I have a table that retrieves tag data. I was originally using a DateTime Input to set the start and end dates under the "Tag History" tab of the table bindings. This approach works.

However I got some feedback from users saying that they would prefer there be an update button so the table doesn't refresh anytime the date is changed in the DateTime Input.

I tried to implement this by adding two value properties to the button, one called "start_date" and the other "end_date". When the button is pressed a script runs that copies the value of the DateTime Inputs to theses two properties. The properties are in the start and end dates under the "Tag History" tab of the table.

However when I tried to implement this the table would not update. The properties look like they copied correctly and kept the Date-Time formatting (which is the same formatting as DateTime Input value that worked correctly). I am not sure why the table is not accepting these values.

Any idea what might be causing this or how to fix it?

Also let me know if there is a better way to accomplish

Hi Stephanie, can you share your script? Are you using our system.date functions to return the date?

Your screen grab suggests that you have {../Button.props.start_date} where the tags should be.