Tag history table Fixed sample size returns extra sample

I’m having problems

I’m trying to retrieve a number of values to a table from tag history for a single point in time.

take a look at the image.

I’m asking for four records, the sample size is fixed at 1, but I’m getting 5 records back, the last record is always timestamped at the current time. if I just want one record I’ll get 2 etc.

Also the records are not returned in the correct order.


Can anyone repeat this?

The last sample has a bad quality value. If you check the “Ignore Bad Quality” check box does that fix it?

Nope :smiley:

The reason its bad is that its that the time stamp is “now” so its ahead of the database, but I’m not asking for “now”, I’m asking for “6:18”

Mine does the same thing. I think it’s getting confused since the start and end time are the same. I was able to fix it by making a custom property on my drop down calendar (or whatever component your using for the date) and adding a minute to the start date:

dateArithmetic({Root Container.Popup Calendar.date}, 1, "Minute")

Then I bound the end date to this new custom property. That seems to have fixed the issue.


Ah, thanks Doug,

that works, it seems it wants a range, strange cos it worked OK in 7.7 & 7.6

I’ve found that

-100,"ms" on the startdate

Is just as good and will work for me.

thanks again