Tag History - Tag change Management

Hey all, hope you’re having a great 4th of July!

I am currently working on updating our tag directory structure in Ignition. This is a iterative process, and as such, tags have been renamed and moved multiple times. I currently have a fairly solid process to move and / or rename the tags, which includes running a script to automatically update the sqlth_te records so that history is not lost when a tag gets renamed or moved. However, some tags have now been touched 5 or 6 times, so the sqlth_te record count is starting to get out of control.

Does Inductive Automation, or anyone in the community have a decent procedure to clean these up? This is likely more of a SQL task than anything else, but I thought I’d reach out to see what brilliance has been accomplished by others!

And I don’t know if its overly relevant or not, but I am also using the history_splitter to send this data to a central location (multiple gateways feed the central database), so I have multiple sqlt_data tables for each month.


Doesn’t look like you ever got a response to this. Were you able to figure something out? I am having a similar issue where my sqlth_te table is getting out of control. My Tag History trends have just stopped working altogether. I’ve tried to manually cleanse the sqlth_te table down to just one record per tagid but still no love.