Tag history totalizer display using tables

Is there a way to use the tag history binding on a table data property to display hourly or daily totals of tags without using a custom query? I can display hourly/daily averages, min/max, etc, but I would like to display hourly/daily totals (essentially for flows) for production reports. If not what would be the simplest way to query the tag history to produce such tables? I would like to show hourly, daily, and monthly totals if possible (using separate tables), but can limit to hourly and daily only if more practical.

Right now you cannot do hourly or daily totals in the binding. In this case you can bring back the natural data to a table and perform sum calculations through expression bindings. So if you had a table with all of the data in it for a given time period you can create an expression like this:sum({Root Container.Table.data}, "MyTagCol")in a separate component. You can allow the user to change the time period from one hour to one day or more.

This postsounds VERY FAMILIAR… I have been doing some research. Sounds like you and I are looking for a similar function. What I have identified is the ‘area under the curve’ which would be using Reimann Sum.
There are some examples that you might google. I have been looking at:
reedr95.github.com/code/2012/11/ … ython.html

I think this would be something that can actually be accomplished with Ignition. I was also given advice that i could inquire about design hours also. I am not against the design hours I just cannot justify a purchase order for it at my company, so I am going to have to beat on the brick wall awhile and find some sort of comparable solution.

If you find a solution before I do please re-post. I will do the same.

Travis, You are awesome man… I was just looking for this table sum fucntion. great…