Tag import duplicate name

You have multiple tag folders - Motor 1, Motor 2, etc., and in each folder are identical tags - HOA, STATUS, etc… If the tag DB is exported to excel so you can quickly add redundant tags (but incrementing the folder number), the tags cannot be imported back into the DB because a duplicate tag name error pops up.

If you build a few folders with these redundant tags in them and export the DB to excel, you can look at it, but as soon as you save it again (still as CSV) it will not allow an import. If you do an export but do not modify or save the CSV file, it will allow importing. Can it be fixed so the tag DB can be re-imported back into the tag DB even though it has duplicate tags that exist in non-duplicate folders?


The problem is that if you export a single tag the folder doesn’t get put in the CSV file. Take a look at the path column of the CSV. If you export the entire list of tags (by selecting the tag folder) the folders will be in the CSV file. In your case just make sure you manually type in the folder to avoid duplicate tags.

When we did the export, we exported the main Ignition ‘tag’ folder and everything (folders, tags, etc.) that was in it. Then, when we imported, we first deleted all tags and folders [within the designer] in the ‘tag’ folder, then tried to import, with no success.