Tag Import Error Log Only Showing One Error at a Time

Hi all,

When I import a tag XML file into Ignition v8.0.6, only one error shows up. Comparatively, when I import the same file into v8.0.2, I get a large list of issues. I’m wondering if there is a setting to show all errors that occur during import or if Ignition will only show one error at a time when importing tags into v8.0.6.

Note that both systems that are being imported into have the same UDT settings, etc. Additionally, I’m using the same Collision Policy (Abort) in both cases.

I don’t think there a setting to show error one by one. Actually, if a single error occurs the whole execution fails causing multiple mismatches.
I advice you to keep separate gateways backups and do the following. Upgrade the .2 gateway to .6, then export the tags and in the gateway that already has .6, import it.
If this fails try even upgrading more >.6 and import tags in there.

Unfortunately, the problem is with the .6 version not the .2 version so I don’t believe that would resolve my issue. I’m not sure if this change by Inductive was intentional. In 8.0.2, the error log shows all errors that occurred during import not just one.