Tag import from older version (error_configuration)


I am importing a xml file but after importing the tag is created but it gives me “Error_Configuration”. The xml file comes from an older version of Ignition, I think the configuration is not compatible any more with version 8. Can somebody tell me more about this, and if possible give me some hints of what to do. The import file is a smaller version then the real version.
What I think is strange is type=“Client” and mode=“2”.



This is how I’d tackle this one start by configuring the same tag in Ignition 7 and Ignition 8.

  • export v7 tag to XML
  • export v8 tag to XML
  • compare the differences
  • update your original XML to suit v8.
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It looks like the issue is at the “Folder” tag. When I tried recreating this, it looks like the folders are “implied” with the tag’s path parameter, as my exports had nothing but “Client” type tags even though I had folders that I had exported. I’d try to delete out the “Layout” tag entirely, the alwaysShowButtons tag will build the Layout folder as it’s built