Tag Import on 7.3.2 Causes SQLT Tag Provider on to Hang

We are experiencing problems trying to use the Ignition Designer to import sql tags on a gateway.

I have created a database driving provider on an Oracle 11.1 database and then attempt to import a set of tags (~750). The Designer appears to start creating some of the tags, but then after a few seconds progress will stop with “Waiting for Gateway”. The request will eventually timeout after 60 seconds.

Once the timeout occurs the database tag provider on the gateway appears to be hung. If the tag referesh icon is selected, the Tag Provider only displays the “Waiting” icon until the gateway once again times out after 60 seconds.

The gateway must be restarted before the sqltag provider can be used again. I’ve also noticed that it takes quite a bit of additional time to shut down the gateway. Approximately a minute as opposed to 10 seconds under normal conditions.

This is a new install of the 7.3.2 gateway and it is a bare bones configuration of a database connection and a database driving provider. So it should not be anything other then our tag import that is causing the problem. The only other thing to note is that the tag export is from a v7.1.6 Ignition gateway.

I have been able to successfully import the tags using the same steps on a gateway. So it looks like the problem is specific to

I have attached the wrapper.log file.

wrapper.log (369 KB)


It looks like you’re running into a “deadlock” in the tag manager. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do until we fix it, besides using an older version to get the tags into your database.

We should be able to get a fix up soon.



Do you know which functions are affected by this deadlock? I was able to import my tags via csv file as internal gateway tags instead of through a sql database driving tag provider. I was then able to copy these tags (~700) in the designer and copy them to my database tag provider. Was I just lucky? Or is it just the csv import into a database driving provider that is causing the deadlock.

The more important issue is that this version was to fix a HP-UX licensing problem on 4 of our remote gateways. The licenses are being invalidated by changes to the /bin inode. Our HP admins have been delaying a tomcat fix that invalidates the licenses through a /bin. We can coordinate “re-licensing” the gateways with their installs, but the concern is that something else may change /bin, invalidate the license, and cause loss of data logging.


Hi Jeremy,

The problem was in the external provider, so bringing them in to the internal wouldn’t be affected. And then, it would be possible to get lucky- the problem was between updating the status of external sqltags, and trying to pause that update in order to add new items. If the pause operation went first, you wouldn’t have a problem.

I’ve committed the fix, so it should be in the next build that’s put up.


Is there a date set for the next release?

The beta is up now. We don’t have a hard date on the 7.3.3 release yet.