Tag in project refreshing problem

Newbie here! I have a problem with refreshing tags. I use 2 VM instaled on ESX, the first is used to store projects (called HMI) and the second serves as a remote tag provider(called TAG) to first one. So plc drivers are connected to TAG VM, and HMI VM reads it via remote tag provider.
Here is the problem:

After the reset of the virtual machine with the tag server the situation is stable

This are my ignition parameters:
Process Id 904
Operating System Linux | amd64
Java Version 1.8.0_171-b11
Available Disk Space 20gb / 27gb

Performance 26% CPU | 989mb
Redundancy Not configured
Modules 19 installed
Tags 7,405 tags

Host PC with TAG and HMI VirtualMachines is i7-6700 3,4GHz. SSD disc and 16GB memory.
After a moment of work on the project, the tags start to flash - they refreshing so slowly that for a moment they lose their current state, then they see a green question mark in place of the tag and then go out - as in the picture above. What is the problem? What can be improved to make it work more efficiently?

Thank you for replays.

Here is screen including performance.