Tag Indirection

Good day! Sorry if this is a horrible question but i gotta ask. I am indirecting the tag path like so:

When i accept and close, because i like the returned value, then go back and look at the indirection it looks like this:

Where did the other indirection go? Im still getting the correct output but where is it? is it because they are both props.text?

I’d guess that’s because you are using the same reference “text” for both indirections. Might it be giving you the correct value because both of those properties happen to have the same value at this time?

witman - that was exactly what was happening. I changed one of my indirections to a property that has a value like this:

and its works like it should. I hope this is helpful to some else also.

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I mostly use numbered references. {1}, {2}, et cetera.


I see, so i could replace the reference value from “text” or “value” to “1” or “2”, etc. and leave the property as is and achieve the same thing.


What version are you using? I can’t get the indirection table to give me a duplicate reference key like you have in your first screenshot; as soon as I make two keys the same they ‘collapse’ to a single row:

@PGriffith What if you add them via the property selecty thing?

Ah, good call. I’ll file a ticket, that’s needlessly error-prone.