Tag Issues with ControlLogix

Has anyone experienced issues with Ignition seeing OPC tags as a folder? I have experienced this a lot lately with several of our Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers, the tag is in the controller as a boolean but Ignition sees it as a folder as if it were a timer or counter. Sometimes I can delete the tag and recreate it but I usually have to rename it which is an issue when I am trying to standardize things across multiple controllers.

This is an occasional issue we see with our older AB drivers. The usual fix support recommends is to:

  1. Disable the device, in the Gateway configuration section.
  2. Go to the Ignition install directory, then in /data/drivers/<device name> delete the .tags file.
  3. Re-enable the device, which should re-browse and fix the bad tags.
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I will definitely try that next time this happens, thank you.

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