Tag limit for OPC UA Device

What is the maximum number of tags that can be imported for a single OPC UA device?
I’m only able to import 644 tags per device. Can anyone confirm that this is correct?

What driver / device are you talking about?

Modbus TCP

There may be some goofy limit to the number of rows the mapping page allows, but there is no tag limit on any of the drivers.

A client of ours would like to have all the tags available per device but Im only able to add 644/3500+
Is there a document that states the maximum rows that can be added per driver?

I don’t think this is documented anywhere and the Modbus driver is the only one that uses the strange row-based mapping page you see. It’s got something to do with the number of fields the web server allows a form to submit…

If you are running into limitations you can just not use the mapping page at all and create the tags in the Designer using the addressing syntax in the manual for the OPC Item Path. If there’s a lot to create then it may be worth doing a tag export from the designer to look at the format and using a script/excel to programmatically build a file to import again.

And about the row-based mapping… if you are creating 1 tag per row you’re not using it the way it was intended, though I understand why you might use it that way anyway. It was meant to allow whole ranges of tags per row to be defined at once. I understand that if you want to individually name your tags or that if they are not contiguously addressed it does not work so well, but it is what it is right now.

The tag ranges per row would make more sense. I will look into creating Tags in Designer

Modbus Address syntax: https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/Modbus+Addressing