Tag List Report

I am trying to find a way to do a report in 7.8.2 that will basically be a tag list.
I would like to have 1 report that lists all of the tags in the project and another that lists all of the Alarm tags.

I can’t seem to find a way to get these to a report datasource?

For the list of tags, have you tried system.tag.browseTags() in a script datasource?

I can use that function in a vision window to fill a table, my issue is how do I actually use that as a datasource in a report?

In the data tab of the reporting workspace, I made a new script datasource, using this script:

[code] # Get an array of all tags, then save the data we want for the report
browseTagArray = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath="[default]")
tagDataset = []
tagHeaders = [‘name’, ‘fullPath’, ‘type’, ‘dataType’]
for browseTag in browseTagArray:
if not browseTag.isFolder():
tagDataset.append([browseTag.name, browseTag.fullPath, browseTag.type, browseTag.dataType]);

# Put our tag data into the script datasource. In the key browser, this will show up as a datasource
# names 'tags' with the columns found in the tagHeaders variable above.
data['tags'] = system.dataset.toDataSet(tagHeaders, tagDataset)[/code] This example only gets the top level tags. To get [b]all[/b] the tags easily (and sorted), replace the first line of code with [code]	browseTagArray = system.tag.browseTagsSimple("", "ASC")



Thanks Kathy!