Tag List


First question: Is there a way to query the tag structure to get a list of available tags?

Second question if first questions is yes: What I would really like is to be able to know of a list of tags that use the same data type. I have created a certain data type for some alarms and I would love to be able to have a drop down list of all those data types that is dynamic. Is this possible?

I want one location where the end user could select those data types then bring up the tags and edit them.

I realize I could do this with a bunch of elbow grease, but if I could make it dynamic to where if I added stuff in the future it is there without me having to deal with it then I would be a happy camper.


You can write a Python script and use system.tag.browseTags. The parameters of this function are used to filter the tags returned. You can use the udtParentType parameter to filter by UDT type.


Thanks Nick I will give it a try!