Tag not display the value


I have a bunch of PLC’s from the same manufacturer: Danfoss. And they have their own application (ECL tool) from which we can read the registers with description of the sensor and the value for it.

In my case, I want to bring in designer the flow values for some locations. In the Datatype I created the tags for the flows value with same registers address from ECL tool. In the ECL I have values for that flows, but when I create Instances based on the Datatype created previous, I have no values. The tag not showing red color with null mesage, but no value there.

Bellow you can find some screenshots with the configuration on Designer.

Do you guys have an ideea, on what the problem should be?


Thank you very much!

Based on your other recent post, it may be that the parameter you’re trying to read is an input register. Did you try it as IR6058?

In addition to Jordan’s suggestion, also try “HRF” instead of “HR”, with a float data type. (Or IRF for input floats.)