Tag of boolean array of 64 bits got added in Ignition as 2 integers

We have a nested tag defined in ControlLogix named "Running" defined as datatype BOOL[64]. When adding the tag to Ignition Designer using Connected Devices it got split into 2 integer tags: Running_0_ and Running_1_. How can we import as is in the PLC? There are over 100 occurrences of this tag, so we can't edit each tag individually.

This is a flaw that got baked into the driver very early on and now we're sort of stuck with.

What you're seeing is how the PLC actually represents bool arrays, which is as 1 or more sequential DINT tags. You can browse each of those DINTS to see the bits of each, or just manually address them, but there's no way to turn this into an actual Boolean Array tag.

Not only that, but with newer firmware that supports the DWORD type, you can manually create a DWORD array in the PLC that is indistinguishable from a boolean array. (On the Ignition side.)