Tag Optimization in Vision Windows and Perspective Views

I thought this was discussed before, but I was unable to find the topic. My question is actually for both Vision and Perspective. If I drop a component, example a label, in a window or view and use an indirect binding and then copy and paste this component multiple times in the same window or view, does Ignition have overhead for each instance, or does it somehow optimize in the background? Do Vision and Perspective behave similarly?

Yes. A lease-qualified subscription is made for each tag as resolved.

No. First, each Perspective binding to a tag gets its own gateway-side subscription. In Vision, any number of subscribers to a particular tag in one client becomes just one gateway-side subscription.

Then, Perspective delivers tag changes directly to the UI binding, as the changes arrive from the origin. Vision accumulates batches of tag changes in the gateway, per client, and delivers the batches when the client makes its regular poll. (Interval is a project setting.) The batch is then delivered on the Vision Client side to however many subscribers there really are.

(When Vision is set to poll slower than the update rate of a tag, a batch could have multiple updates. I'm pretty sure Vision only delivers the last one per poll.)

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