Tag Overlay Timing

We have a source of data that is OPC-DA and is sometimes stable, sometimes not.

The main issue we’d like to fix is that when it goes out momentarily we get a tag overlay but then it comes back and the tag overlay disappears. There is nothing we can do about this in terms of fixing the source of the issue but we want to improve the visuals.

Is there a way that we can delay the tag overlay to happen later (say 5 seconds) so that we don’t get tag overlays when there are only brief issues?



I think this is handled by the stale timeout period. Look for it either in the tag group settings or the opc-da config

@nminchin Looking in the tag group settings and the OPC-DA connection setting I’m not seeing any setting for stale timeout period. What am I missing?

@nicholas.robinson, did you manage to get this solved? Exactly the same issue here. Regards.

We didn’t solve it with tag overlay timing. If I remember correctly we look at the connected status of the OPC-DA connection and if it is disconnected for too long we reset it.

I never saw a clear way to do what I wanted with the tags themself.

This is a problem we see only with Intelligrated Boss OPC-DA server. They have since started to use OPC-UA on new sites so going forward I don’t think our team will see this problem.



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