Tag Overlays not correct on startup

Steps to reproduce.

  1. stop ignition
  2. create SQLTags in db setting quality code to OPC_Waiting
  3. start polling field devices and update those tags that are returned
  4. start ignition

For those points that are still OPC_Waiting, Ignition does not display any overlay. I have to tweak the valusechange timestamp to get an overlay.

Ignition (7.1.2) is the driving provider. Values are been updated via 3rd party

Sounds like it must not be reading the quality correctly during tag loads. We should be able to get this fixed early next week.


The problem seems to be when valuechange is null. This will also create a bunch of java null pointer errors :frowning:

So, does everything work if the valuechange column isn’t null? Because it shouldn’t be null- probably shouldn’t cause errors- but shouldn’t need to be null.

Can you post the NPE error you get though? I can’t replicate it here.


I had to ship the system so I can’t reproduce it just now.

On startup when the tags are created, the configchange is set but the valuechange is not set until the point is heard from. If the device is off line this could by awhile.