Tag Path change(v. 7.8.2)

Hi guys, this one is totally my fault and there is a solution to fix my issue but its painful lol figured I share it on here and see what you all think.
So when I was creating my folders for my machine lines and each of their OPs i don’t know why I didn’t keep them same format. Majority of them are set up in form of {assembly/LineName/OpName/tags} well the genius in me decided(not sure why) to make one line be like {assembly/LineName/LineName_OpName/tags} now that folder was created from a UDT so fixing that specific issue is not a problem, the pain is the million transaction tables and component binding I have going on and changing the path of that folder means I have to change all the tag paths in my transaction groups for that specific line and some of the data is being gathered live so that be a problem.
currently I have one live table for each line and trying to make one window and be able to switch to different line and different OPs all in one place which will make life so much easier.
It would have been nice if we could use UDTs in transaction groups that way if something changes the change happens everywhere. anyways I need to cut this shot it’s becoming an essay lol. I’d appreciate any out of the box ideas.

Consider duplicating the folder temporarily. Then use search and replace in small chunks to remove references to the oddball name. Delete the oddball folder when no references remain.

Take backups before, between chunks, and afterwards just in case.

I’ll look into that. The problem is fixed right now, I just used a few custom properties on the Root Container and way able to dynamically change stuff in order to have access to all my tag paths and transaction groups.
Plan is to do the same project in other plans, I already learned my lesson, definitely going to keep the line paths and transaction group names in a same format and that will make my life so much easier next time around :stuck_out_tongue: