Tag Problems Ignition 8.0.10

Hi guys,

We keep experiencing issues with derived tags and with UDT parameter changes in 8.0.10.

We have derived tags that we know function inside of UDTs, and on occasion, these derived tags just straight up fail to take in any value even when other derived tags of the same nature are getting the correct value. The tags they are looking at also exist inside of the same UDT and has values. The only fix for this is to restart the tag provider to restart the tags. However, it is usually the same culprits that tend to break like this, and they end up breaking again a few days later. Is this a known bug?

The other problem we are experiencing, which is extremely annoying, is when editing a parameter of a UDT instance, the parameter shown in the UDT edit screen is totally changed, but in the tag browser, refuses to update. Even adding new parameters to the UDT data type does not update the instances. Restarting the tags is not working either. The tags live on a remote server and come in via remote tag provider, but editing the UDTs on either enterprise or remote gateways do not seem to work. Deleting the UDT and re-making it with the correct parameters is the only way to fix it. Is this also a known bug?

We are currently using 8.0.10. I could of sworn we could change parameters easily enough in 8.0.9 and 8.0.6. We have always had the derived tag issue causing problems though. I think we had a support ticket open for this but I am not sure if we got much help on it. Ticket #119522



We also have problems with derived tags since the first version of Ignition 8. Tags don’t update, we need to do ‘restart tags’ a lot. IA has found something and hopefully we see a fix soon.
Normally I don’t post in the forum but did it now just to let you know you’re not alone :slight_smile:


Hello, have you find a solution of your problem? Is because I have also problems with derived tags. :disappointed:

I believe this was resolved by upgrading versions. I don’t recall if we upgraded to a version of 8.0 after 8.0.10 or not, but we are on 8.1.0 currently and no longer see this issue.