Tag Provider default read/write access settings

I am looking for the best way to set a role-based or security level-based default tag access for all tags in a given tag provider.
Just like from the Config section of the Gateway, under Realtime Tag Providers, you can select a Provider and in the “Other” section, list security levels for the “Tag Editing Permissions”. I’d like to see a similar interface but for “Tag Read-only Permissions” and “Tag Read/write Permissions”.
As of now, I can only find this functionality on a per-tag basis, which would require me setting up custom tag security on every tag one at a time.
Also, there is some similar control if using a Remote Tag provider, but this method allows read or read/write access based on Security Zone. I need it on a role-based level.
Has anyone found a way to solve this challenge?

I see that this functionality has been added in version 8.1.9! Awesome!

How can I set these parameters from the API when creating a Managed Tag Provider in my custom Module?

You could setup security zones like you said. And assign certain user roles to areas of said security zone.