Tag Provider in Tag Editor Path To Properties

I have got a template that takes in a tags path as a parameter such that I can populate the template via indirect tag references. The problem is, if I want to use that same template with another tag provider I have to manually change every indirect tag reference to the new provider. Right now I am using a reference in the tag editor to the {PathToParentFolder} or {PathToTag}, how can I include the tag provider in this such that I can use the same template across providers?

When you say ‘template’, do you mean a Vision Template or a UDT definition? For a Vision Template you could either pass in the tga provider via square brackets at the start of the tag path, or you could also create a new template property for it (my preference)

For a udt def, the tag provider for each tag is a separate field, so you could pass in the tag provider to use into your UDT def as a parameter and bind that in your tags