Tag provider is not visible in "OPC Quick Client"

Hello All,

With the same name conflict for OPC UA device connection and tag provider. Hence not able to access the tag provider in external OPC UA client.

Ignition’s tag system is, by default, a consumer of OPC tags, not a producer. There is a setting in the OPC Server to expose tags through OPC, which is an all-or-nothing option. Did you set that? Did you create tags in the new providers?

There was a bug fixed recently that involved a tag provider and device of the same name over exposed tags… what version are you using?

Thanks for your reply.

currently running version - 8.1.0

and which version you have resolved the issue?

It was fixed in 8.1.13:

Fixed a bug that prevented a remote tag provider with the same name as a locally defined device from being accessible.

Though reading that now I’m not certain is is the same issue, but you should probably upgrade anyway and find out.

Thanks for your quick support.

We will check the same in version 8.1.13 and gives our feedback.


I tried with version 8.1.14 and it’s working well.