Tag Provider Security

Is there a way to put security on a tag provider?

I would like to be able to give someone access to use Designer for a specific project, however, I only want the user to be able to see the default tag provider for that project.

You may have found your answer already, but I would recommend going to your default Tag Provider in the Gateway Web page (Config > Tags > Realtime), then clicking “Edit” next to the Tag Provider for which you want to restrict access.
At the bottom, you can enter in a comma separated list of security zones that have “Tag Editing Permissions”. If your user doesn’t pass this check, they will see the provider in Designer, but will not be able to view the values or modify the tag properties.
Alternatively, if you can leverage the Gateway network to limit tag provider access. Give your user access to a Gateway on which you create a Remote Tag Provider pointing to the default Tag Provider with which you want them to be able to interact on a different Gateway. You can then set up the Service Security on the Gateway that is hosting the default Tag Provider to only allow access to the default Tag Provider and only from that remote gateway to which the use has been given access. This method is a bit more complex, but the user would not even see the other Tag Providers in this case.

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Thank you!