Tag providers not showing in designer

Within the designer I have no tag providers showing in the tag browser. I have the built-in Ignition OPC server and a remote Kepware server connected and enabled in the gateway and both can be browsed with the quick client. This is a new install of 8.0.7 with a fresh gateway restore from 7.9.13.

On the gateway check to see if there’s a realtime provider configured. Make note of its name.

Then go edit the project on the gateway and make sure the default tag provider is set to whatever that name was.

If you want to supply a backup of your 7.9.13 system to support we can see if it’s reproducible for us.

Thanks Kevin. You pointed me in the right direction. The gateway backup was imported with everything disabled and I only enabled the devices and the OPC connections. I had not enabled the default realtime provider under Tags. That took care of it.

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