Tag Providers Not Working

Hi, I currently have four different tag providers running on my gateway, but only one of them is responsive. I have configured them all with the same settings and connected them to the same MSSQL database. The tags are being read from an AIM OPC server via a remote OPC-DA COM connection. I have tried disabling the provider which is currently working, reassigning it to other projects, and creating completely new providers. At this point I am stumped. The very same tags which work fine in one tag provider show configuration errors if I try to copy them to any other provider.

With defaults, you can only run one provider per database, unless you arrange different schemas for each connection. Otherwise they’ll stomp on each other’s information, since the table names are the same. You might be able to work around that with different prefixes or driver names in the provider settings. Is there a reason the provider can’t be an internal provider instead of a DB provider?

I actually managed to solve my issue. Turns out the scanclasses had one option different in the provider which was working. The OPC Data mode was set to subscribed instead of read on the non-working scanclasses. This is essentially the equivalent of having asynchronous calls enabled in the gateway, which was not a workable option for me. Thanks for the response.