Tag Providers


I’m trying to monitor tags by scan class and it looks like that changed in 7.9. Is there anywhere in 7.9 to look at the Last Exec and Next Exec in real time? The screen I found in 7.9 lacks the date time and when I refresh to see the number of executions it takes me back to the main Tags page where I have to go back into my default provider then click on the scan class tab.

Pics from 7.8 and 7.9 of referenced screens are attached.


So if you click on the tags tab and to the right of the tag there is a details button, there you should be able to see what you are looking for.

Under Status > Diagnostics > Execution:

There are a number of lists of different things. One is the Scan Classes. The page shows the number of executions and refreshes the info automatically. It seems to refresh about every 5 sec.

That may get you what you want. If not you might try a work-a-round that I thought of but did not try out: 1) add a date/time expression tag with “now()” as the value.

Thank you both. I think between the two I was able to get the info I needed. Unfortunately, it’s not what I was expecting and it probably warrants a different forum topic outside the 7.9 board.

I was trying to prove that leased scan classes work as documented. The Diagnostics → Execution window shows the scan class executing at its fast rate even when no screen is displaying any tags with the leased scan class. And the Tags → Details window shows the current date/time again even though no window is displaying that tag that is set up with the leased scan class :scratch:

A leased scan class doesn’t change how fast the tag provider executes, but rather changes the OPC subscriptions for affected tags. You probably want to look in the device diagnostics for the affected tags and watch what happens to the subscriptions.

I went to Status --> Connections --> OPC-UA Server --> Details --> Details (of the subscription ID of my leased scan class). I have one OPC tag that is set up with the leased scan class and do see 1 Monitored Item on that screen. I used the Quick Client to change the value that the OPC tag refers to. Unless my understanding of the leased scan class is incorrect, I would not expect to see that screen’s “Data Change Publishes” number increase unless I had a window open that had something bound to that tag (and I did not).

Prior to the gateway changes in 7.9 you could verify this by looking at the documentation that referred to info no longer on the OPC Connections page:

docs.inductiveautomation.com/di … Scan+Class