Tag Quality 310-Evaluation error

I am using Ignition V7.9.8 and placed a bar chart on screen. I want to do indirect mapping from drop down to bar chart. e.g when user select “machine-1” from dropdown, bar chart will show data from machine-1 and so on for machine-2 to 5. For this type of functionality, we use “cell update” data property binding.

Example of cell update binding,
[~]Main_PLC/UM{Root Container.Dropdown.selectedValue}Top5Array/Top5Array_0/Time.
Here, I am trying to browse “Time” tag from tag browser using drop down selected value.

I tried same method (cell update) for indirect easy chart and it works fine. But it doesn’t seem to work with bar chart and displays evaluation error (310).

Can anyone help on this?

Thanks in advance!